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Pluto and Serenity by JunaAvatari

For starters, the coloring is superb! It's so great to see someone who captured Pluto's correct color scheme :) Her skin tone is perfect...


Thor adored his consort in ways he could never hope to express, but it was the moments like this where his heart truly soared. The unyielding quiet of night, broken only by whisper of silk against their limbs and Loki’s slow breathing as his chest rose and fell, the vibration thrumming through Thor’s skin. Chuckling to himself, he perched the bulk of his weight upon his elbow and watched the Jotun curled beside him in slumber. Loki was ever the beauteous creature, yet there was something…enthralling about him this way. Asleep, his every feature was softened until they appeared almost delicate in nature. From the chiseled cheekbones to his thin but curvaceous lips, Loki resembled a doll made of flawless china, were it only painted blue. Many others would see the color, and subsequently his heritage, as a misfortune. Thor never could. He adored the young prince for who, and what he was. Not a thing about him would he change. Even his tempestuous nature was precious to the thunderer.

There was a stirring beside him as Loki turned on his side, raven hair tumbling across the pillow. It was sweet smelling from the oils he favored bathing in, and the texture resembled a bolt of satin, liquid smooth and just as soft. Thor couldn’t resist gathering several of the strands in his palm to nuzzle them, the scent of wintergreen tickling his nose. But once he started, there was no way to simply stop, pull back. These opportunities were far too rare for Thor not to take advantage of. Loki was not the sort for physical affection, lest he was in one of his moods. He was rather like a cat in that manner. That was precisely why Thor basked in these fleeting moments, giving himself over to the opportunity of kissing his lover’s patterned flesh, the bloodlines traced with his tongue and forefinger.

“Mm…” Loki stirred, but didn’t wake.. He never did. His sleep was blissfully deep and restful, only the smallest reactions making it seem as if it might be broken. Thor took care to keep it so, guiding his hand under the thin sheet his consort slept beneath to touch an azure thigh. Loki was clothed in the thinnest wrap imaginable to spare himself from the heat, and it left much of his sumptuous body available for perusal. Thor grazed his hand lower, letting it pass ever so lightly over the apex between Loki’s legs. The silk protected him, kept their skin from meeting, not that he needed the touch to know what was there. There wasn’t a part of the Jotun’s body that he didn’t know. From the crown of his horns all the way to the tips of his toes, he knew him, and intimately so.

Temptation called to him, urging Thor to part silk and slip his fingers across Loki’s sensitive lips. He almost gave in too. Loki was asleep, vulnerable, and Thor was not in the habit of resisting him when he didn’t have to. Yet he did exactly that, grasping his lover by the knee instead and turning him more onto his side, a muscled arm wrapping around his narrow waist. He wasn’t about to ruin this moment, no matter how much his body called to Loki’s, urging them to mate. Make love, he corrected, scrolling his fingertips down the markings webbing the small of that sapphire spine. What they had together was special, and he wouldn’t take advantage of his consort. When Loki awoke, Thor could give him the attention he so desired, but until then he’d keep his touches at a minimum.

Well….by his standards. It was trying, when Loki made the most alluring noises when he was asleep. They were delicate, like painted glass, each paced across the span of minutes as Thor kneaded the already relaxed muscles of his upper thighs, slowly working his way back up the length of his body. This, he could comfortably do. His touches weren’t sexual in nature, though the sounds coming from his lover’s lips certainly invoked a similar response within him. Thor chuckled through his arousal, kissing the hollow of Loki’s throat and listening quietly to his responsive coo. Fate had graced him with a consort that was perfection given flesh and bone. The least he could do was appreciate it, show Loki how much he-

“Thor….” the body against his own rippled with movement, particularly in the thighs. Startled, Thor looked at Loki’s sleeping face, expecting it to be ever still in its peaceful mask. Instead, sleep drenched crimson stared back at him, and there was a surprising amount of warmth within them for someone who’d just been prematurely awoken.

“Loki.” Immediately Thor brought his hand up to cup a frozen cheek, the pad of his thumb trailing across the harsh bone structure. “I never meant to wake you. You have my apologies.” Unusually hesitant, knowing there was a chance Loki could be angry with him, if not furious, he touched a kiss to the place between his brows and recoiled away, putting space between them. “If you still want to rest, I’ll take my leave.” Though he hoped Loki would allow him to stay, continue to hold him, cradle his lither form against his own. As it was, the Jotun only looked at him in silence, until he reached up to press two fingers on Thor’s lips with a small grin.

“For better or worse, did we not vow to remain at each other’s sides? If you disturbing my sleep is the harshest grievance you have to offer, then I suppose I can make do and endure it.” Loki took full advantage of his surprise and wrapped his arm around Thor’s neck, forcefully pulling him down until his warm mouth could touch the ridge of his collarbone. “Now continue, husband, lest I show you how truly irritated I can become when my sleep is disturbed.”

To say he was shocked by Loki’s responses would be a terrible understatement, but never was he the one to do something against his love’s best interests. At first he was unsure if it was a just or not, Loki’s idea of revenge. After several seconds past and he only looked expectantly at the thunderer, one brow arching towards his hairline, Thor conceded, a slow smile taking shape on his rugged face. “If you want me to stay, then I shall. Whatever my consort desires,” he murmured, taking the little fiend back into his arms as he buried his face in black hair and basked in his presence. Loki melted into his embrace with a soft sigh, completely giving in. It was the final act that fully broke Thor’s inhibitions. He hugged him even closer and tangled their limbs together, allowing himself to enjoy it all. Awake, or asleep, he loved Loki. Thor would do anything for him. But having his permission in this made their quiet moment all the sweeter.  
The Quiet Moments
I get distracted by these little ideas, and then I have to write them, just so I can focus on those other, bigger things. Ah well! Such are the woes of a writer, I suppose XD

Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, etc etc. You know how it goes.
Loki had never seen rain before. Jotunheim was far too cold for anything but snow and ice, the latter which covered all in a thick, unrelenting gloss of bluish-green. He remembered staring at the heavens and imagining what might lie outside the dower abyss, in a world where all wasn't frozen and barred against the realms beyond. This was like nothing he could have ever dreamed. He could feel the power of the storm above his head, slate and raven hued clouds converging together with a loud rumbling that reminded him of glaciers cracking down the middle. There was a brilliant flash of white light too, flashing in jagged spires across the sky. Loki shielded his eyes before it could blind him completely, and through the glow he saw a dark shape float down from the clouds, the rain never touching his powerful form.

“So the tales are true,” Loki murmured, lowering his hand to better see the man as he approached. “You do possess power over the storm.”

Tossing back his golden hair, Thor frowned when he saw the drenched Jotun and hastened his step until they were but a foot away from each other, the circle of dryness protecting him now extended to Loki as well. “Loki, you shouldn’t be out here.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. It’s hardly as if I’m going to catch a chill.” He had to brush back his soaked hair to meet Thor’s eyes, and he was instantly captivated by the powerful gaze staring back at him, shimmering each time the lightning struck. It was like looking into two brilliant opals, their surfaces rippling with electric blue. Loki shivered and moved closer to the thunderer, tasting ozone and something fiery hot on his tongue, a thrilling tingle running down his arms from the proximity with the electrically charged god. “I never imagined it was like this..”

“Like what?” Thor swept off his cape and draped it around Loki’s shoulders, streamers of raven silk staining the material a darker, almost bloody shade of red. Loki clutched at it and gently fondled the cloth with his fingertips, finding it heavy, but ridiculously soft, engulfing his lither form in its warmed folds. “You are soaked through. Loki, how long have you been standing out here?” It looked as if Thor meant to scold him, and if not for his obvious concern Loki might have criticized him for it. Instead he allowed the thunderer to go on his sentimental tirade as he turned his eyes to the storm above their heads, which seemed to grow louder with Thor’s words, lightning striking through the smoky blue and illuminating the rain, making it resemble molten silver. “Loki? Loki!” Two hands suddenly appeared in his peripheral vision, guiding his eyes back to Thor’s. “Are you listening to me?”

“Of course I am,” Loki soothed, leaning into Thor’s left hand. He was a talented liar, and yet his silver tongue seemed ineffective today; Thor was frowning at him, though a touch of humor burned in his cobalt gaze. “Now Thor, don’t look at me like that. You can hardly blame me if I’m a little distracted! I’ve never seen this before. Rain, the storm-” he took a few steps away from the prince’s side and reached outside the invisible barrier protecting them from the elements. Rain still fell in plentiful torrents from the sky, and within seconds Loki’s palm was soaked, droplets following the natural contours and bloodlines marking his skin until a single bead was left pooling at his inner elbow. He stared at it, fascinated. “It’s all so..” Loki breathed the scents in, then released the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding, dewing his lips with cool moisture. “..Enthralling.”

Having stepped up behind him, perhaps of a mind to pull him back, Thor watched Loki gaze at the dark sky with its mercurial streamers and hesitated. “….I had forgotten that you are not of this world. This must all be strange to you.” He laid a hand on the trickster’s elbow and drew him back a few paces, smirking faintly as rain continued to drip from his bluish fingertips. “Truly, you have never seen rain before?”

“Of course not, you oaf. When would I have had the chance? My realm is a wasteland, filled with naught but spires and glaciers, and cliffs of ice that would make even the tallest giant look small.” In comparison, Loki was little more than a speck on the ground. Here though--much as he felt enveloped by the storm, wrapped in its charge, he could sense his own powers responding to the call. It was a seductive thrill, and made him wonder too. If Thor could harness all this might for himself, then what might they accomplish together? He and his intended…

“Loki. Your seidr.” Thor called attention to his hands, bright with the frosted green swirls of his magic. It had responded without thinking, and Loki felt it in the air, a touch of warmth to the chill he otherwise exuded. “Be not mistaken. The power over the storms is mine to command. You can no more hold dominion over it than I your mastery of ice and snow.” The warning was not unkind, but came out sounding rather amused, as if Thor found his fascination comical. “Loki, heed me. Whatever madness runs through that head of yours, discard it now. This is beyond you.”

“You are the one who is mistaken,” Loki returned Thor’s smirk and lifted his hand, putting its palm full of emerald and rain water on full display. “I care not for controlling the storms, Thor. That gift is yours, and it is not one I covet. I was only…curious.” With a puff of air the rain turned to flecks of ice, glittering like tiny diamonds against his skin. He blew them at Thor with a cheeky grin and then allowed his seidr to dissipate into thin air, leaving only the faintest glitter of ice before the thunderer brushed it away. It melted almost instantly at the contact with his warm skin. “To me, such weather as this is an anomaly. I heard the thunder from my rooms, and I couldn’t resist getting a closer look. It’s impossible to ignore, Thor. You who are so used to all this wouldn’t realize the thrall it can hold.”

What had been amusement morphed into full on laughter, heartily shaking the thunder god’s frame. “You think so, do you?” Synced with his moods, the rain outside their bubble dispersed to a faint trickling; the sound of it was airy, lighthearted. It filled Loki with a strange sense of mirth, even though he didn’t entirely understand why. “Loki, I understand. Centuries could pass, and I will still marvel at the sheer force that harkens to my fingertips. Is it not the same as your seidr?”

He wasn’t incorrect. Loki hadn’t been expecting such a comparison though. Boasts about his might and strength, his prowess with that force which was his to command; this was what the Jotun had thought he would hear. Yet Thor compared their powers, as if they were equals. The warmth in his chest blossomed, spreading its roots throughout his entire body. “I suppose,” Loki responded, “though your magic is very different from mine. I would hardly think to compare the two.”

“But not so different that you are beyond comprehension.” Thor took the Jotun’s hand and walked him to the barrier, passing his hand through the intangible force to touch the rainfall. “I have controlled the storms for many years, Loki. To me, they have always appeared beautiful, and that beauty only grows as the years trickle past. With the growth of my power comes fresh understanding, a knowledge of that which dwells within my veins. It is a force those unlike us can never hope to fathom.” Again with the mention of them both. Loki wanted to ponder this development, but Thor left his thoughts a touch fuzzy as he called to the skies above and commanded a thicker downpour, the cold liquid sloshing in his cupped palm. And there was their master himself, leaning down to whisper in Loki’s ear. “You see as I do, but this is only the beginning. There is much we can show each other, Loki.” Thor released his hand and walked out into the rain, proffering his own to the smaller prince whilst a warm smile spread over his lips. “Come. If you want to experience a proper storm, then allow me to pave the way.”

“….You do strike a hard bargain.” His own smile taking shape, Loki wrapped Thor’s cape tighter around himself and laid his fingers on that golden palm. It was as his books had always said. When in doubt, seek out the source of that which holds your interest. And he was happy to allow Thor to lead him on.
Pave the Way

Just a short little thing I was inspired to write. Short, sweet, and to the point. A touch of fluffiness too.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, or any part of it.

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
"You do realize that this is all completely unnecessary? I could just as easily use magic to give myself a proper appearance for tonight." Loki lounged back in the reclining chair and stared at the polish painting both sets of her nails a deep, nephrite colored green. It was a lovely color choice, and she knew Tony must have asked for it specifically when he was making all these preparations.

"Sorry princess. If there's one thing Pepper and I could ever agree on, it was that a bit of old fashioned primping goes a long way. We take it very seriously. And you don't really seem all that bothered by it anyway." Tony grinned at her from the chair positioned at her side, thumbs still working at the glossy screen of his Starkpad. "Relax Loki. Enjoy it! Didn't you guys do stuff like this on Asgard anyway? I mean, there's a reason they call this the royal treatment. You should be used to getting pampered."

"Pampered? Perhaps, but never in this form," she drew a hand down her body, letting it hover a few inches away from her skin, only just covered by a thin towel made of what Tony had called Egyptian cotton. It was luxuriously soft, almost enough to make her forget that she was nude beneath it. "You forget. My mastery of seidr and shapeshifting was never a well appreciated talent back home. Asgard relishes a proud warrior, Anthony. They idolize brawn over wit, and strength over cunning."

Tony grinned. "In other words, you were the Slytherin in a house of Gryffindor's. How appropriate. Guess it does explain all the green though," he picked up Loki's right hand and admired her nails, the color shimmering wetly, flecked throughout with dark gold. "I made a good choice. This is a great color for you. Hey, do they even have manicures on Asgard?"

"Unfortunately not. I must admit, it was a pleasurable enough experience. You mortals have very unusual, albeit effective means of personal care." She found herself loving the sight of her nails in such pristine condition, the cuticles neat and edges smooth. In fact, all of this so called beauty regime had so far been pleasant. The attendant who had dressed her hair had been firm, yet gentle, brushing out the raven locks until they gleamed like skeins of silk and then wrapping them heated curlers, loosely pinned now to her skull. That was to say nothing for sheer amount of lotions and fragrant oils that had been rubbed into her skin during what the other mortal had called a deep tissue massage. Indeed, it certainly lived up to his name. Loki now felt positively boneless in her chair, and was ever more thankful that her limbs were propped up in a softer version of stirrups, putting her colored nails and gleaming skin on full display. Tony certainly seemed to be enjoying the sight.

"Anthony. You're staring," Loki met his gaze and coyly smirked. There was a familiar gleam in the ocher that spoke of pure satisfaction, and an interest that was sinfully unadulterated. "My that lust I see?" She cooed, shifting in her seat, the prominent swell of her cleavage exposed by the towel's warm folds. As if it were a beacon, Tony's eyes hastened to it. "If I'd known that you so enjoyed all this excessive coddling, I might have allowed it sooner. Do tell, what entices you the most about all this? Is it the grandeur? The sheer expense of it all is fairly impressive, though you must be used to it by now."

"We both speak the language of money Lokes. But I have to admit, there's something right about seeing you all docile and dolled up." Reaching out to tilt her face down for better admiration, Tony swiped his thumb over her mouth, naturally plump in Loki's female form. Loki favored coloring her lips in her Bordeaux lipstick, but for now they were a lighter shade of red, glossy with a sheen of spittle as she licked her lips reflexively, brushing his calloused skin by accident. Or rather, on purpose. She was nothing if not tricksy. "You know, I think I like this shapeshifting ability of yours," Tony purred. "It could be handy. I get normal you every day, and now I’ve got a gorgeous date to all of the charity functions Pep makes me attend. It's a win win situation."

Loki smirked, waving him back into his chair. “How lucky for you that I’m willing to accommodate your selfish desires then. But what if I refused to accompany you to these functions? Would you still attend?”

“Pepper would make me. I’d be extremely bored though, if it’s any consolation.” Obediently sitting back as per requested by the trickster, Tony still managed to be the perverse schemer that he was and edged his chair closer to Loki’s, casually resting a hand on her naked ankle. “I really appreciate you doing this for me, Lokes. You know that, don’t you? You didn’t have to agree to be my date. You could just hang around the tower while all us do gooders go and preach about the importance of sharing and caring.” He slid his hand higher, stroking the sensitive flesh behind her knee. “But I’m glad you aren’t. You’re going to look gorgeous tonight.”

“Implying I don’t now?” She tracked his bronzed hand as it wrapped firmly around her calf and angled her leg closer to him, as much as the stirrups allowed. “Do be careful. I’d hate to see all this hard work gone to waste.” Her painted toes gave a small waggle, showing off the glittering polish all the better.

"We wouldn't want that," Tony agreed, making circles on Loki's knee with the edge of his thumb. "A good pedicure isn't cheap, and yours looks particularly nice. They really gave you some well earned TLC, didn't they?" Rather like a naughty child who'd just discovered a newest trick or game he might play, the inventor rolled his chair in front of her own and positioned himself between her splayed legs with a grin that played off being innocent. "Mind if I take a...closer look? I want to make sure we're getting our money's worth here."

Ah....she'd caught Tony's interest then. It was too obvious, emblazoned across his handsome face like a scarlet banner. He had a deep lust for the fairer sex, and was her form not that of a woman now? More importantly, Tony enjoyed the new and unknown. He had to discover it, work out those secrets that were hidden from him. He'd had Loki as a male more times than she could ever remember, and she him, but never had he touched this form with such a level of intimacy. That made her unmarked territory now.

Loki hummed, demurely lowering her lashes. If he wanted to discover the secrets of her flesh, then she was more than happy to give him the chance. Not that Tony needed her permission. He hadn't even waited for it. "Ever the excitable one.." she watched him lean off his seat and touch her inner thigh, caressing where the towel just covered her shifted flesh. "Anthony, they did nothing to me there that would warrant your interest."

"You got the massage, didn't you? Yeah…I can tell. You're still slick from all the oil." His entire hand slipped beneath the cotton and rubbed against her, eliciting a breathy sigh from the trickster. Loki could feel the heat of his skin against hers, hot as a brand as his fingers inched towards the juncture between her legs. His curiosity must be eating him alive, if he was already seeking it out.

"Perhaps on my thighs, but they stopped before it could spread any further." It was neither Aesir nor mortal custom to take advantage of valued clientele, though she wouldn't have said no to some more of those warming oils now; Tony's fingers felt so dry and calloused against her. Loki squirmed, mindful of her vulnerable position in the chair. She was all but splayed open for his pleasure in these damnable stirrups, and what protection the towel offered was moot now that he was touching her, the pad of his finger lightly brushing down her slit. "A--Anthony!" Loki shivered, bucking away. "Too rough.."

"Sorry. I guess this form hasn't seen a lot of mileage over the years, huh?" Tony looked around and then wheeled his chair over to the door, flipping the lock while he fished a bottle out of the stash hidden in the small, glass fronted cabinet holding all the masseuse’s supplies. "Here we go. Lotion should do the trick." Pushing himself back over to Loki with a lewd smile and waggle of his dark brow, he popped the cap open and squeezed some of the lotion onto his fingers, guiding them back under the towel. "Be careful what you do with your legs. Wouldn't want to mess up those pretty nails. You're rocking an open toe tonight."    

A particular scent wafted around her. It reminded her vaguely of honey, sweet and viscous, and Loki drew it deeply into her lungs as she felt Tony's hand cupping her quim, breaching the warm outer folds to nudge that which they hid from sight. "And you know this h-how?"

"Simple babe. I picked them out. Had to make sure they matched your dress, didn't I?" One flick of his thumb had her gasping and arching away from the chair, and it took all her might not to dig her nails into the tooled leather. "Shh," Tony soothed, resting his other hand on her knee, affection dripping from every word he used to praise her, reveling in this turn of events. "It's just like I said. You're going to look gorgeous, Loki. A literal goddess, strutting around for the world to see. I mean, you're beautiful no matter what-" he twisted his thumb, rubbing circles around her clit, "but with actual effort put in? I've seen normal you all glamoured up. It's time we gave your lady self some attention."

Loki's legs trembled in the padded stirrups, which she regretted using more and more as Tony manipulated them wider apart, spreading her open for more of his ministrations. "Your attentiveness shall be my torture if you do not stop this teasing!"

“This isn’t torture babe. It’s pampering.” He did something particularly clever with his fingers that had her whimpering up a storm, however against her will, teeth ground tight as Loki tried her best to suppress the sounds before he could hear. Too little effort, and far too late. Tony heard, and he took full advantage. “Now Lokes, don’t do that. I want to hear you.” Tony leaned towards her and kissed up her jaw line, delicately mouthing the ivory skin that was flushed as a rose beneath her lashes, hooked so low all Loki could see was the slightest sliver of light, and her lover’s bourbon colored gaze intently watching her. “C’mon…..”

Damn him, but she couldn’t help herself. “A-Anthony….” Loki’s toes curled with the blossoms of arousal pleasantly unfurling beneath her navel, heat spreading wildly through her veins. Whether it was his experience with women coming into play, or simply his extensive knowledge of her, and what she enjoyed, Tony was playing her body as well as any musician would his instrument, stringing her cries and whimpers into a chorus that began its throbbing crescendo as his fingers sank past her folds deep into her sheath. “Anthony, please!!” The plead was ripped out of her before Loki could stop herself; she was so much more sensitive in this form. Every drag of his skin against her inner walls had her coiling in the chair like a serpent, strangled hisses breathed through her teeth. “I ca-can’t….it’s too much!” She held the armrest tighter with her left hand, though the other pushed against Tony’s chest. She did wonder in the back of her mind whether or not this would ruin her nails, or if the polish was dry now, but she was firmly distracted by such thoughts in a manner of seconds, when the engineer parted the towel’s folds and exposed her cunt to the air. With the angle of the chair Loki couldn’t see herself, but she did see his hand between her legs, two fingers buried in her wetness. It was erotic to the point of tears, and she sobbed openly as he drew the digits out of her. They were positively dripping with her slick. “Stop…Anthony--”

“Is that really what you want?” Tony laid his hand on her leg and pulled back, enough for her to see his smug grin. “I’ll stop, Loki, if you want me to. But I don’t think you do…” hitching his chair closer, he kissed the spot where her thigh curved towards her sopping quim and let his lips linger, hot and firm against her, promising that which made her body sing. Loki couldn’t even remember the last time she’d had somebody’s mouth on her sexually. Certainly it was rare, in this form particularly. “Babe,” Tony’s growl caught her attention anew, and she blinked back her tears with a low moan. “If you really want me to back off, now’s the time to tell me. We’re working with a limited time frame here. I want you completely relaxed and stress free when the masseuse comes back, but I won’t lay hand on you if you tell me no.” His lips shifted towards her center, two fiery brands that promised her screams, gasps, all of which would be her own. “Tell me….”

The kiss to her cunt was the final straw. Loki sank her nails into his shoulder and begged for more in a shattered, husky voice that surprised even her, fern green eyes snapping open and glowing with ecstasy. As promised, she received exactly what she wanted. Tony pushed his tongue inside her and devoured her, the moisture dripping from her skin into his waiting mouth. His talent was unprecedented, and Loki had no choice but to endure every swipe and calculated flick of that skilled muscle as he heartily busied himself with the task at hand, giving her as much pleasure as humanely possible. Damn him, but he did it well. Loki no longer held back her screams and rich moans of delight, finding it pointless. Tony knew she enjoyed this, and his ministrations to her quim only grew more enthusiastic when he heard her noises.

Soon enough though, it became too much. She was over stimulated, and desperate, bucking her hips away from the chair to get any sense of friction. “Anthony….!” Loki curled her fingers in his shirt collar, straining the soft fabric as she loudly keened and pushed against his mouth. He chuckled, spreading her apart with two fingers and lapping at the entire heat of her, steady and firm, his tongue prodding her swollen clit. “N-nhh! Fuck!! Anthony, f-finish me!”

“I love it when you talk dirty.” Watching her writhe, Tony removed his mouth and pressed his fingertip against her clit, applying pressure to the nub as Loki’s cries reached even louder peaks than before, tinged with a raw need. “If you want it babe, all you have to do is ask. You know I only want to make you happy.”

Ask indeed. Tony wanted her to beg. Any other time Loki would have considered using her magic to reverse their roles, show him why you shouldn’t play games with the trickster god. But she did crave release, so much so that her body ached with it, flames of passion making her burn. No…..resisting was futile. Loki could have revenge later, if she so desired. For now, this was more important. A necessity. “I need it. You have to,” drawing her fingers down his cheek, a certain reverence to the act, she moaned something quiet beneath her breath for his ears alone, fluttering her black as sin lashes with a beguiling mewl. “Tony….please. Give me what I want. You’re the only one who can…..”

Judging by his panted “fuck”, that was exactly what he wanted to hear. “You’ve got it. One mind blowing orgasm coming right up.” Which he delivered flawlessly. It only took the smallest twist of his fingers around her clit, Tony’s mouth kissing up and down the damp skin, but it was enough to make Loki stiffen and nearly lurch out of her chair as blinding waves of bliss and darkness crashed over her, numbing her to anything but the sensation of her orgasm overtaking her. She barely even noticed Tony pulling away to watch her. “Goddamn…you’re beautiful--you know that?” He caught her face between his hands and stole her whimpers with a kiss, and she tasted herself on his lips, musky and sweet. “So fucking beautiful…I want you like this again. Fuck, I need it Loki.” Hips canting towards the dewy nest between her thighs, Tony broke the kiss and groaned against her mouth, nipping at the bruised and ruddy flesh.  “We’re doing this again, all of it. Every time I’ve got to go to one of those stupid functions, I’m bringing you here. This is just--”

“Exhilarating?” Loki’s quicksilver voice melted over him, and she shivered in his hold, paying special attention to the gleam in his eyes, the pupils dilated to the point of masking all color. Then there was the bulge in his pants, straining their seams until she thought he might pop free of the fabric. Loki reached for his zipper, intending on giving him the release he had so richly earned, but her hand was caught in one of his own and laid instead on his chest, allowing Loki to feel the race of his heart beneath cotton and the reactor’s glass. “Anthony?” Her brows knit together, questioning. “You are aroused, are you not? I only meant to-”

“I know Loki.” Tony stroked down her arm before spanning his hand across her shoulder blade, leaning her forward so he could kiss her brow, the plush corner of her lips. “I know. But I don’t want you to. This wasn’t about me.” Meeting her surprised look with a grin that she could only define as adoring, he fished one of the pins out of her hair and drew the curler out of its silken nest, allowing the tendril of black to snake over her naked shoulder where he could toy with it, winding it around his index finger. “Don’t look so surprised! I told you that I take pampering seriously. It’s an art, babe. An art you clearly don’t have all that much experience with.” Tony wrapped her hair around his fist and angled her head back, staring at her shrouded eyes, the way her lips were parted and damp with saliva, bruised to a shade reminiscent of red berries. “We’ll work on that. I’m thinking it took take--weeks? Maybe even months. You can’t rush these things.”

“Months,” Loki repeated, a touch dazed. The sheer expense was enough to make the most spoiled of royals titillated, but neither of them would hardly think anything of it. It was more the fact that Tony enjoyed spoiling her so much that he wanted to do this again…and again. All for the sake of pampering her, as he claimed she deserved. Feeling overwhelmed, she drooped against the cushions and followed her lover as he found a clean towel and began mopping at her damp skin, cleaning it of her juices. “As in….months? Anthony, that is a lot of time. Exactly how many charity functions do you plan to attend?”  

“Hm? Oh, I don’t know. Depends on how many Pepper decides are worthy donating to. It could be a few, but I’d guess at least a couple a month. Three tops.” He looked up at her and cocked his head, teasing her with a hint of a grin. “You alright with that Lokes? I mean, you don’t have to go if you really don’t want to. It’s like I said. I just appreciate you lending a helping hand.” Tony kissed her cheek, nuzzling the pink patches decorating their apples. “If this is all too much for you, just say the word. There’s no fun in spoiling an unwilling participant.”  

My, but he was manipulative. Or rather, coercive, which Loki could appreciate. It was a talent she understood well, and implemented often enough to suit her own needs. Where her intentions were often less than pure though, Tony’s were…..both spoiled and charitable. How interesting. “You worry too much,” Loki whispered, drawing his lips to hers as he chuckled and met the kiss full force, his hands grasping both of her slender hips. From the corner of her eye Loki saw the door rattle, someone trying to get inside, but she didn’t care. She moaned her appreciation and toyed with his hair, gathering the chocolate strands between her fingers as the door rattled harder, matched by a firm knocking and the sound of someone calling Tony’s name. “I think it’s time for the professionals to take over,” Loki purred. “Though they’ll never be able to live up to such high standards. You do take pampering to extraordinary levels….”

Tony smirked at her, fondling the length of her fingers with their tips of emerald and gold. “What can I say? I’m always happy to surpass expectations.”
Pampering Done Right
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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
He WASN'T jealous. Just to throw that out there. Tony admitted that he was an asshole of the worst kind, and a right fucking bastard, but he firmly stood by the fact that he wasn't jealous. Because that was a load of bull. He was simply....irritated over the way things were progressing. By which he meant poorly. Very, very poorly. Tony hadn't gotten a single chance to talk to Loki all week, thanks to captain spangles. Any time he even got NEAR the trickster, there was Steve, living up to his promise to throw Tony out of the room if he didn't voluntarily leave. And those few times he had caught Loki on his own, he pulled his damn Houdini act and vanished in a puff of green magic! Drama queen.

Tony scrubbed his hands through his hair, noting the slightly greasy texture. He hadn't been eating or sleeping right since the incident, as he liked to call it, and it was definitely starting to show. There was extra scruff on his face, his eyes were slightly bloodshot, and Tony was pretty sure the t-shirt he was wearing was at least two days old. Gross. So all in all it was like any other day in the lab, except he wasn't coated in axle grease. There was also the side factor of Loki and Steve treating him like he was a walking plague. He didn't much care for that.

"Sir, may I remind you that this is considered the equivalent of stalking?" Jarvis, his loyal AI. Ha. Jarvis hadn't told him a single thing about what was going on between Loki and Steve, even though he had admitted, rather snidely, might Tony add, that he'd been fully aware of their shared breakfast meet up's every morning. How dare he hold out on him like that, the traitor. "I hate to disrupt your brooding, but Captain Rogers-"

"Mute Jarvis," Tony muttered. The AI fell blissfully silent, not that he received much peace either way. He'd heard more than enough about Captain fucking Rogers this week, thank you very much, and all of it was etched into his skull. He couldn't forget if he tried. Every time he closed his eyes Tony remembered the look on Loki's face, those green eyes swimming with tears. That's when he'd realized just how badly things were fucked up. What he'd done was--reprehensible.

So why didn't he feel guilty?

"Jarvis, pull up the feed from the living room." Tony swiped his fingers through the air, glowing blue energy forming borders for five different camera angles that popped up on the holographic screen before him. This was one of Loki's favorite rooms in the tower, since it doubled as a library, with three massive bookshelves stocked to the brim with paperbacks, leather bound tomes, manuals, encyclopedias. Everything a Norse god could want. But he wasn't in there, and Tony wasn't so much an asshole that he dared invade Loki's privacy enough to peek in his room. He had his magic set up to prevent things like that anyway. Security measures of the mistrustful; Loki could teach a class on the subject.

It was a bittersweet thought. On the one hand, thinking about Loki made his--well, everything hurt. Like a junkie denied a fix. Tony acknowledged that he only had himself to blame though, since it was his big mouth that started the whole thing. If he hadn't been such a jackass, this wouldn't have happened. That much he did feel sorry for. Maybe even guilty. The rest, not so much. Given the chance, Tony would gladly ride Steve's ass some more. He wasn't going to roll over and let the patriotic wonder sneak in on his man. Steve needed to get with the program, fast. Tony was with Loki first. Sexual or not, that gave him dibs.

....Fuck. He sounded like a spoiled brat. But it was true! He and Loki had their thing, and it was good! Great even! They were comfortable enough with each other to talk science, magic, the deep inner workings of their own minds. He was the one who'd figured out that Loki wasn't completely behind the Chitauri invasion, and out of his fucking mind after compulsions and torture alike to see he behaved. That was him! He'd gotten the god settled into the tower, helped weave him into the team dynamics. With enough prompting, each and every member met Loki on their own terms to figure stuff out.

Evidently Steve had taken the last part too far. Tony grunted and slashed at one of the video monitors, pulling up one section of footage after another. Nothing in the kitchen, nobody in the gym. Where the hell were they? Somehow he doubted they were together, if in the bedrooms. Loki was experienced, but Steve was the exact opposite, and chivalrous to boot. He wouldn't do something like that.

....Then again, he hadn't expected Steve to get all flirtatious with one resident god of mischief, so all bets were off at this point.

Tony hesitated only a split second before he flipped through all the footage to find Steve's room. Each Avenger had their own floor of the tower, plus one they shared communally, with the kitchen, rec room, gym, and a few others scattered about. Steve's was the floor directly above these, and it took no time at all for him to pull up the proper cameras. Lucky hit; there was Steve, carrying what looked like a sketchbook under his arm, and a clear bag of charcoal pencils.

"Nice to see my charity's appreciated," Tony grumbled, watching him enter the elevator. Art supplies were about the only thing Steve allowed Jarvis-and Tony-to buy for him, unless it was shared across the household, like food. Judging by the length on some of those pencils, he made good use of them. How nice. Somehow that didn't make him feel any better, considering Steve was still stepping on his turf. Wasn't this against the bro code or something? You didn't steal the other guy's lover?

A tiny voice in the back of his head pointed out that Steve wasn't technically 'stealing' anything, since he and Loki had never established anything beyond a friends with benefits relationship; Tony ignored that voice, after telling it none so kindly to fuck off. So what if he hadn't seen them do anything more than verbally flirt with each other? That wasn't the point. He saved Loki from a stint in prison! He got him set up in the tower, helped him establish a new life for himself! Dammit, that counted for something. They didn't have to be the poster boys for superhero boyfriends to be official or anything.

Feeling particularly frustrated with himself, Tony shifted back to the previous video feed and got himself a nasty little shock. There was Loki, sprawled across the couch with a book clutched in his narrow hands. Where the hell had he come from? Fucking magic. It wasn't fair. Tony wished he could teleport like that. Not the point though. This was the first time he'd seen Loki alone in nearly a week. Steve was heading to the kitchen, by the looks of things, which left Tony a window of opportunity. It was a small one, sure, but he could work with that. He had to.

"Reroute all elevator access to the other floors. I don't want anyone else getting to that floor once I'm there." It wouldn't stop the other Avengers for long, if at all. He lived with two master assassins and a man with glorious temperament issues. The most Tony could really do was head them off. And haul ass. Speaking of--Tony bounded out of his seat and hurried out of the workshop. Timed right, he could get to the living room and talk to Loki before anyone else was the wiser. Hopefully. With some luck. Plus a few tricks up his sleeve, in case it came down to desperate measures.

Luck was on his side. It took approximately one minute and sixteen seconds to get to the communal floor, and the whole time he was hoping that Loki wouldn't spontaneously decide to up and disappear. When the elevator doors locked behind him though, Tony got a clear view of the trickster, still lying on the couch and deeply engrossed in his book. No Steve in sight either. Sighing in relief, Tony dusted off his shirt and tried to look reasonably presentable before announcing his presence with a loud cough, waiting to catch Loki's eye.

He wasn't disappointed. Sort of. Loki heard him no problem, and did look over the top of his book to see where the noise had come from. Tony got one glimpse of vibrant viridian before the shutters slammed down, leaving him with a set of flat, emotionless irises in their place. Ouch. If Loki hadn't been rebuffing him the whole week, Tony might have been offended.

"Hey Lokes." He took a few steps into the room, ignoring the shiver that ran down his spine. Loki was a Norse god with magical powers, of course he was intimidating. But Tony had never let that stop him before. "Listen, you and me? We need to talk. I know you've been trying to avoid me Loki."

"Trying implies a failed effort. I'd say I've been rather successful thus far." Loki's fingers skimmed across the written text, flipping to a new page. He was acting like he didn't have a single care in the world, and the utter nonchalance of it all was enough to prickle Tony's temper something fierce. Stubborn ass. Normally that's why they got along so well, and then situations like this came up. He hated to admit it, but Loki was slightly more stubborn than he was. Only slightly. Most of the time it was barely enough to make a difference.

Watch this be the one time it did. "Yeah, well, you've had your new boyfriend to help with that," Tony scowled. "When's the anniversary? I'll get you guy's a fruit basket."

"Is that another mortal custom? Celebrating the bonds of male friendship?" Loki ignored his exasperated sigh and set the book down on his lap, carefully marking the page with his finger. "Don't look at me that way, Anthony. I know what you meant. But it hardly matters, since not a single word out of your mouth thus far has been anything I wish to hear. Until you decide to behave like a man and not the spoiled child you've been mimicking this entire week, I want nothing to do with you."

"Even if I'm trying to apologize?" Inching closer to the couch, Tony perched on the armrest and stared down at his lover. "C'mon Loki, give me a chance."

"Why should I? I'm hardly indebted to you. Whatever charity you've bestowed upon me has been repaid thrice fold since I joined your little team of heroes." Loki ignored his protests and swung his legs off the couch. "Apologies mean little when they're spoken blindly. Do you even have the slightest idea why I'm angry with you, Anthony? For that matter, why do you think you should be apologizing, hm?"

That sounded like a trick question. "I...was an ass." He sounded way more hesitant than he'd meant to, quickly rewording himself. "No, ok, I was definitely an ass. And I'm sorry! You didn't deserve all that--the way I treated you." Grimacing, Tony rubbed the back of his neck, now regretting his stint of no showers and nights sleeping in grease and gears. He probably looked like a train wreck. That wasn't going to win him any brownie points. "If it's any consolation, I've been beating myself up over it all week."

"Yes...I can see that." Loki's gaze swiveled across him, taking in his ragged appearance. "How awful it must have been, spending day after day in your workshop, with only your precious machines and tools to keep you company. Tell me, Anthony, however did you manage?"

Tony frowned. If there was any question as to whether or not Loki was still angry with him, that settled it. His words cut to the bone, shattering like fragile glass and lodging themselves inside the wounds. "You accuse me of acting like a child, but then you go and say things like that? Way to be a hypocrite Lokes. Can we just--stop arguing for five seconds and talk to one another? Please? I'm trying here."

The hitched eyebrow Loki offered was equal parts disbelieving and mistrustful. "If this is you trying, then I might be afraid to see any real effort on your part." He left the couch and made towards the elevator, snapping over his shoulder. "I've no time for false pleasantries, Anthony. You have no idea why I'm owed an apology, which says more than enough about how meaningful it would have been in the first place. Figure it out. Then I might be willing to listen to you."

No, Loki was going to listen to him now. Tony didn't bother going after him, waiting patiently by the couch. When the elevator didn't open, and all of his commands went unheeded, the trickster whirled around and snarled at him, fire melting his eyes to limpid emerald pools. Nothing he hadn't seen before; Tony took it in stride, parrying Loki's scowl with a shrug. "I said I wanted to talk to you. Can't really do that if you're running out the door."

"You..." Loki drew a sharp breath in through his teeth, bared in a smile that promised nothing but pain. "You would dare...?" One hand clenched at his side, the fingers twitching, ever so slightly sparking with green at the tips. "Clever, Anthony. Very clever. But you know that won't keep me here. What's to stop me from simply teleporting away? Unless you have a means by which to muffle my seidr-"

"Yeah, about that." He'd been saving this as a last resort, because that's all it was intended for. Thor had left it in their care before he returned to Asgard on daddy one-eye's orders, just in case of an emergency. Good chance this wasn't the type he'd had in mind, but Tony didn't care. In his eyes, it counted, and he was the guy with the security access codes. "I didn't want to do this to you Lokes, but you're a stubborn ass. It's not leaving me a lot of a choice." Tony dug into his right pocket and pulled out a thin gold bracelet, heavily inscribed with runes. "Recognize this? Probably not. I think your dad gave it to Point Break just in case you started acting up again. It negates all magic in the room, and puts the wearer's on lock down." He spun the band around his finger, watching Loki follow it like a hawk, surprise leeching any hint of color from his cheeks. "We both know what that means."

He'd be trapped, for better or for worse. No magic equaled no teleportation, and since the elevator wasn't going anywhere--

"You would do that to me?" Loki's whisper was deadly soft, yet strong enough to reach his ears. Tony held the bracelet a little tighter as the god released a harsh noise, almost like a growl, primal and challenging. "You would take away the one defense I have in this world, so that you may...what, Anthony? Speak your mind? Force yourself upon me, as others have in the past?"

"Force? No!!" Where the hell did he get a crazy idea like that? "It's not like that, you stubborn ass! I just want you to listen to me!"

"After I clearly stated that I want nothing to do with you!" A step backwards on Loki's behalf put space between them, his eyes darting constantly from Tony's face to the golden glimmer in his right hand. "Put that cursed thing away." When he made no move to do so, Loki lashed out and lifted his palms high, green swirling thickly around his fingers in a sparkling, iridescent smoke. "Put it away, Anthony, before I make you..."

Not a chance. Tony shook his head, thumbing the golden band. "Talk to me Lokes. I don't want to use this, but you're not leaving me much of a choice." He took a slow step towards the brunette, then another, grimacing at the utter look of panic that tainted his features. Loki could vanish, sure, but they were both timing things in their heads. The odds of him getting away in time weren't good. "Talk to me. I know I acted like a complete bastard, and you have every right to be pissed at me for it. But how are we supposed to figure things out if you won't even let me apologize?"

"Apologize? You haven't a single idea as to why I'm angry!! And you don't care! You genuinely believe it's irrelevant, that you can simply put on a charming smile and bluster your way back into my good graces!" Loki turned tail and hurried towards the door, desperation pungent and marking every step. "You're as foolish as the rest of your damned people."

"Loki! C'mon, wait a second!" Tony hurried after him, reaching out to grab his arm. "Will you just wait, please?"

He almost managed it. Almost. Of course that was when his luck would run out. The second his fingers even brushed Loki's wrist they were smacked away, and a pair of blue eyes appeared over his shoulder, looming furiously. "He doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to do. But you need to back off now, before I make you." Steve stepped out from behind the god, who immediately seemed to sag in relief, the emerald fast fading around his hands. "I don't want to do it Tony, but you're not leaving me a lot of options."

Just like that, all his pent up aggression flared to the surface. "Save the chivalry and get out of my way. This is between me and Loki!"

Steve didn't budge an inch. Tony really hadn't been expecting him to. Annoyed, he looked around those rippling forearms and saw Loki still eyeing the piece of jewelry in his hand, distaste in every flicker of his black lashes, the twitch in his jaw. He hid it behind his back, hoping to avoid any more issues, and then everything turned to shit around him. Steve saw it. A surefire way to piss off Captain America was by threatening someone's personal freedom, and---ah, fuck. Tony had been ready to do exactly that.

He didn't put up much of a fight when Steve pried the bangle free and held it up to the light. It looked like a normal piece of jewelry under a light inspection, but the runes shimmered with their closer proximity to Loki, making him hiss and draw back in fear. Steve noticed. Of course he fucking did, and understanding hardened his mouth into a firm line. "...Is this what I think it is?" It was. They both knew it was. "Tony," Steve closed his fingers tightly around the bracelet and glared at him. "Were you really thinking about using this on him? Do you realize what it would do? How it might make him feel?"

"Of course I realize!" Almost instantly the atmosphere in the room tensed, and he had two brilliant gazes on him, one glowing with disappointment, the other anguish. Fuck, he'd screwed up again. "Look, I wasn't really planning on using it, alright? I just wanted a chance! You've been keeping me away from him all week, and I never had a chance to say I was sorry!" Tony threw up his hands, shaking with the effort not to lash out, say anything else he might regret.

"I believe I've already stressed that an apology based on lies means nothing to me!" Loki was ready to push Steve aside and take care of Tony himself, which had the inventor nervously backing up, until Steve threw out an arm and caught Loki around the waist. Something he didn't much appreciate, if his shocked expression was anything to do by. "You would stop me? Steven, he was going to bind my magic for his own selfish gain! Do you condone that?" The trickster started to recoil from the both of them, like a caged animal seeking freedom. "Perhaps this is how you and your precious Avengers deal with unwanted trouble…you simply leash it like a wild beast!"

"Loki, that’s not what’s happening here. Calm down. Tony will have to own up for his actions, believe me. But I can't let you hurt him. That wouldn't be right." Steve touched Loki's forearm with a gentle hand, guiding him farther behind him, out of Tony's sight. Or maybe it was the other way around. "I know you're upset. You have every right to be, and under any other circumstances I’d be happy to let you take over. For right now though, let me handle this. Go on to the kitchen, and I'll meet up with you when I'm done here. Alright?" His hand brushed up the length of Loki's arm and then back down again, offering a slow push backwards. "Everything's going to be fine. Please, Loki."

How he did it Tony would never know, but he actually got Loki to listen. The trickster shared a long frown with Steve before snarling at Tony and disappearing down the hall in a flurry of dark hair and emerald fabric, leaving them alone. Frankly, Tony didn't feel much safer either way. "Listen, I-"

"Stop right there. I want to know what the hell you were thinking, threatening him like that. Did you bother considering the consequences? Or were they not important enough, so long as you got what you wanted?" Steve silenced his retorts with a cold frown, stuffing the bracelet forcefully back into Tony's hand. "This isn't what Thor had in mind when he gave us this. You know that Tony. It's only to be used in an emergency!”

"I know that dammit!! I told you, I wasn't going to use it!"

"Well good luck proving that to him. Loki has no reason to believe you right now, with the way you've been acting this past week." Sighing, Steve glanced over his shoulder, as if he expected Loki to be in the background listening in. "I'd feel lucky that Thor isn't back from Asgard yet, because I think we both know how he would react to all this."

That...would not be pretty. Tony honestly hadn't even considered Thor in the equation, since he was currently out of the loop. But he wouldn't be forever. He was scheduled to come back soon, and he'd want a full report on everything he'd missed while he was gone. Tony could keep his mouth shut, no problem. That didn't mean Loki would, or Steve. Hell, spangles would probably consider it his moral duty to tell the thunderer what had been going on around here. He was all noble like that.

"Fine. I'm an asshole. Is that what you want to hear? I admit it! I'm the biggest jackass on the face of the earth, and I deserve anything our Norse buddies decide to dish out." Tony waved a finger in Steve's face, teeth gnashing. "But if I'm going down, so are you! You're just as guilty as I am! Who started this whole thing, huh? Who decided it was alright to go flirting with Loki, when everybody around here knows he's mine! Oh, but you don't even care about any of that, right, because you only technically flirted with him when he was playing at being a girl! That doesn't count." His smile twisted into something feral, aching with age old inferiority and a lifetime of bitterness. "Don't make me laugh. If you think I'm going to stand aside because Captain fucking America up and decides he wants in on my action, you've got a nasty surprise coming. I saw Loki first. That makes him MINE, Rogers. Got that? And I don't really like to share."

He was panting by the end of his tirade, shaking furiously. It struck him that he sounded like a possessive bastard, claiming Loki belonged to him and all, and apparently Steve agreed. Oh, he agreed BIG time. "Is that how you think of him," he ground out, disgust painting every syllable. "You saw him 'first', so he belongs to you? I'm sorry, but I thought this was the twenty first century, not some first come, first serve. You don't own Loki. None of us do! He's his own man, or woman, when it suits her, and you have no right to claim otherwise!"

"What, and you think it's without precedence? This may sound shocking to your good boy mentality, but Loki and I SLEEP together. We're living in sin, or whatever the hell you used to call it!" His twisted smile caved into itself, and Tony glared at the other man, crossing his arms. "Maybe that doesn't make him mine, but it damn well makes us a thing!"

"A thing," Steve repeated. "Tony, is that all you can say? You sleep together, so that automatically makes you exclusive to one another? If that was the case, I never would have flirted with him. I wouldn't have said a single word! But you aren't exclusive. You aren't even dating! I asked Loki about that back when we first started talking. He says you've never even asked for a monogamous relationship. Why? Did you ever stop to think that someone else might take an interest in him?"

No. He hadn't. Tony floundered, angrily flushing. "And who else would've, huh? I'm the only one who so much as gave Loki the time of day when he first came to the tower, except Thor!"

"That was then, Tony. Things change. People change," Steve stressed in an irritated voice. "Loki's not the same person who attacked New York. He opened up to us, let us all in, and you know what? Once I had my chance to get to know him, I realized that I liked what I saw. I'm sorry if it upsets you, but you aren't the only one who finds him appealing. I--" sharing his fluster, he turned his eyes to the floor and then back to Tony again, determination gleaming in the crystal blue depths. "I really like Loki. And I don't see any reason to keep that a secret. Not from you, not from the team, and especially not from him."

This wasn't happening. It wasn't. Why was he being turned into the villain here? "Quit trying to make me out to be the bad guy dammit! If you knew Loki and I were sleeping together, you should have backed off! You have no right to him!"

"Just like you have no right to control his decisions! I guess it never occurred to you that Loki could have told me at any time to leave him alone?" Steve had straightened up to his full height, and it gave him several inches to lord over Tony, which he used to the maximum, staring down at him without a single qualm. "If I'd gotten a single sign that he was uncomfortable around me, I would have backed off. Because unlike certain people around here, I respect Loki. I'd never do anything to upset him, or make him unhappy."

"I respect him!" Balking under the man's disbelief, Tony growled. "Don't look at me like that! I DO!"

"Really. I guess that's why you said he was nothing special, and completely disregarded his gender? Because from where I'm standing, that's not respect, Tony. That's called being an insensitive jerk. You're no better than a bully." Steve filled the doorway and bent over him; the tightness in his jaw gave away exactly how much anger he was suppressing, keeping bound beneath the surface. "If Loki wants to sleep with you, that's his business. But you have to respect that he can make his own choices, even if that means doing something you don't agree with."

"Doing something, or someone?" Ha! Steve scowled at him, giving him a fucked up sense of delight Tony knew he'd have to reevaluate later. Emphasis on later. "Yeah, that's right. I've seen the way you look at him. You want to get into Loki's pants as badly as I did, you fucking hypocrite. Well, what's stopping you? Obviously not me! Like you said, we're not in a relationship. Loki can sleep with whoever he wants," Tony wrinkled his nose, "even seventy year old virgins fresh out of cryo. Out of curiosity, did they test all the parts when they thawed you out? Everything working properly? Because performance issues are a big thing with Loki. He'd be so fucking disappointed if you couldn't get it up." Tony smirked. "If you even can with a guy. Wasn't homophobia a big thing in your time? I mean, Loki's pretty androgynous looking under the right circumstances, but he's still got a cock to work around. I guess you could always fuck him from behind, if you’re desperate enough. Pretend he's got a pussy. Or did you just plan on making him be a woman whenever you two did decide to do the deed? I get it. I can see the appeal. At least there's a looser hole to work with, so you won't keel over from exhaustion every time you--"

CRACK! Pain exploded across his jaw, throbbing roughly throughout his entire skull. Tony saw stars and went down hard, gasping in agony, the taste of copper spilling across his tongue and staining the small cut on his lower lip. He'd fucking bitten it...shit. He dabbed his tongue over the wound and blearily tilted his head up, suddenly faced with a furious bundle of Steve. "You--you punched me!"

"Damn right I did. You had it coming." Steve drew back his fist, barely shaken up by the blood on his knuckles. "For God's sake Tony, is this really how you treat people? Is this how you treat LOKI?'s disgusting! I don't care whether or not you two have been sleeping together. You don't talk about him like that! Ever!!" Repulsed and positively trembling with badly repressed aggravation, he backed out of the room, leaving Tony sprawled across the floor. "I can't even look at you right now....this--this is beyond jealousy. It's just sick."

W-wait. Where was he going? Tony struggled to his feet and went after him, still dabbing scarlet off his skin. "S-Steve? What are you doing?'re not going to tell Loki what I said...are you?" He got no reply, which sent his heartbeat spiraling into a loud crescendo. "Steve? Steve!! Dammit Rogers, get back here!! You can't tell him! Loki will kill me! You get that? He'll KILL ME!"

"He'll probably try. I honestly couldn't say I'd blame him right now." The collected way Steve said that did nothing for Tony's nerves. "Not only have you insulted him several times this past week, you've also threatened him, behaved in a manner that's frankly repugnant, and treated Loki like he's nothing more than a piece of arm candy you can keep around for however long's convenient for you. But that's not fair to Loki. He deserves better than that."

"And, what? Is better supposed to mean you?"

"Maybe. Maybe not. Frankly, that's up to Loki. He can decide whether or not he's interested in me like that, and whatever his decision, I'll respect it. I'd rather have him as a friend than nothing at all." Steve glanced over his shoulder, grimacing. "Don't even think about asking me not to tell him, Tony. I'm not going to keep secrets from him."

Tony ignored the ache in his jaw and scowled. "So basically what you're saying is that you don't give a shit whether or not he tries to murder me, because you get to be all noble and do the right thing. That's fucked up Rogers. A real friend wouldn't sell me out."

"A real friend wouldn't have said those things in the first place," Steve retorted. "Jealous or not, that doesn't excuse your actions. Loki has been lied to his entire life. It's time someone broke the cycle. Maybe you're alright with keeping things from him, but I'm not. Loki deserves the truth." Rolling his shoulders with a shrug, he stopped outside the kitchen door which was, thankfully, closed, and turned to face Tony. "You want my advice? Get far away before I tell him. I'll do my best to keep him from going after you, but it'll be better for everyone if you're off this floor by then. At least then you'll have a fighting chance. You can hide out in your workshop, use that time to figure out how you're going to make all this up to him."  

It was sound advice. Still, Tony put up a stubborn front, carefully watching the door. The last thing he wanted was Loki coming to find out what was going on. "Fuck you and your advice. You know, you can stop with the act already. We both know you're not doing any of this for my benefit. Admit it; you want Loki for yourself, and getting him angry at me is the best way to do it. Fucking coward. What's the matter Rogers? Afraid you won't stand a real chance if I'm still in the picture?"

Bone crushing disappointment filled the other man's eyes, and he heavily shook his head. "You still don't get it, do you? This isn't a contest. We're not competing for Loki's affections. Whoever he wants to be with is his business. I'd be happy if Loki decided to give me a chance, yeah, but that's not my top priority. More than anything I want to see him happy. You..." he sighed. "You just don't seem to care either way. But that's always been your style. The spoiled, rich playboy. So long as Tony Stark gets what he wants, nothing else matters, right?"

"Right! --Wait, no! I didn't mean it like..that...I-" oh fuck. Tony looked at Steve, horrified. Is that really what he sounded like? This was the sort of stuff he'd been talking about? Shit, it--it all made sense now. This was what Steve had been talking about. This is how he'd been acting for the past week, maybe even longer! Tony swore under his breath, tears blurring across his vision. "He...fuck. You're right. I’m sorry Steve. Tell him if you want. I probably deserve that." He ignored the weight of Steve's eyes following him and hurried away, desperate to get away, hide back in his lab. He had to think about this, reevaluate things. This was just--everything was fucked. "Jarvis, mute off. I need elevator access, now."

"The elevator is waiting for you as we speak. But may I recommend avoiding any drastic action before you have a chance to properly calm yourself? It's only that the others will worry if you suddenly disappear without a trace. They might consider that encouragement to come hunt you down themselves."

"Don't pander to me right now J. I'm not in the mood." Tony darted through the living room and into the open elevator, banging his forehead against the smooth metal. He'd fucked up. He'd fucked up so much. No wonder Steve and Loki were so angry with him. That was all he deserved. "...Do you think I can make it up to him?"

"The chances of either forgiving you are slim to none right now Sir. Might I recommend flowers? Or perhaps some good natured groveling?"

"Groveling, right. Whose side are you on anyway?" Jarvis didn't answer, and Tony closed his eyes, breathing a loud, frustrated groan. When had things gotten so damn complicated? One day he and Loki were having amazing, no strings attached sex, with only each other to talk to, and the next Steve was showboating with his damn schoolboy charm, sweeping Loki’s feet out from under him. Her...whatever. "Steve was right,” Tony muttered to himself, staring at his haggard reflection. “This is so beyond jealousy."
So Beyond Jealousy

The follow up to So Not Jealous and So Not Hungry. This is the climax of their ongoing clusterfuck, and here is where shit really gets real. Hope you all enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, which is pretty obvious.

(Also, some of the dialogue later in the story is totally based on this gorgeous piece of work here:… You should all check it out! Sanzosin does wonderful work)

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My fucking childhood. You guys don't even UNDERSTAND. I wasn't one of those kids who was hooked on the original SM anime. My fix was the manga, in all its lush beauty and gloriousness. I absolutely fell in love with it (I liked the anime well enough), and NOW. FUCKING NOW. We have a new, totally beautiful anime that is following the manga more closely, and giving us characters we know and adore, but PROPERLY. 

I could fucking cry. 

That episode was just pure beauty. 


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